About the author

The person behind Whole Minded Living is Lilja Sif, Cand.Psych.


  • Psychologist                                                       2011
  • SOS Parenting instructor                                  2008
  • Flight attendant                                                  2005



  • University of Iceland‘s Division of                2015-2017
  • Continuing Education 
  • CBT specialization
  • University of Iceland                                        2006-2011
  • Cand.Psych, psychology
  • University of Iceland,                                       2002-2005
  • B.A., psychology



  • Hæfi Rehabilitation Center                               2018-
  • Lyngháls Psychologists                                    2017-2018 
  • Helse Førde                                                          2015-2017
  • Reykjalundur Rehabilitation Center                2012-2015
  • Kraftur – Organization for young people       2014-2015       
  • with cancer and their families
  • Own practice                                                       2014-2015

Other jobs:

  • Gaia Sagrada – shamanic retreat Work exchange  2020
  • Innihald.is   Editorial member                                      2011-2012
  • Icelandair    Flight attendant                                        2005-2011
  • Eskimos ehf.    Travel organisation                             2009-2011

Continuing education and conferences:

  • 2019    Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Training: A New Paradigm for Treating Addictive and Risky Behavior – Andrew Tatarsky, PhD, Director and Jenifer Talley, PhD, Assistant Director – (13. – 15. Desember 2019)
  • 2019    Compassionate Mind Foundation’s 8th International Conference – Edinburgh, 4 days
  • 2019    Áhrif áfalla og fíknar í fjölskyldum – Claudia Black, Ph.D. 8 hrs (fyrir fagfólk og almenning)
  • 2018    Brief Therapy Conference – Milton H. Erickson Foundation – San Fransisco, 4 days
  • 2017    Psychological First Aid – training for work with rescue squads at Lyngháls psychologists– 4 hrs
  • 2016    The Discriminating Therapist: Utilizing Hypnosis to Teach Discrimination Strategies. A Two Day Master Class in Applying Clinical Hypnosis – Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D. 14 hrs.
  • 2015    Imagery work in CBT – Oddi Erlingsson, specialist in clinical psychology. 4 hrs.
  • 2015    Comprehensive Training on Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy – Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D. 84 hrs.
  • 2014    The Feeling-State Addiction Protocol – Robert Miller, Ph.D. 12 hrs.
  • 2014    Working with Complex Trauma and Dissoaciation in EMDR: Treating “Parts” – Kathleen Martin, LCSW. 7 hrs.
  • 2014    EMDR Weekend 1 – Robert Solomon, Ph.d. – 20 hrs.
  • 2013    EMDR Weekend 2 – Robert Solomon, Ph.d. – 20 hrs.
  • 2012    A Hybrid Trans-Diagnostic and specific CBT approach to “Medically unexplained symptoms”: Masterclass – Professor Paul Salkovskis. 11 hrs.
  • 2012    Ethics course – Icelandic Psychological Society – 10 hrs.
  • 2012    Parents in trouble – children in trouble; healthy first attachments – Dr. Amanda Jones. 7 hrs.
  • 2012    Mindfulness and meditation – Anna Valdimarsdóttir, psychologist. 18 hrs.
  • 2009    Treatment of Anxiety Disorders – Throstur Bjorgvinsson, PhD. 24 hrs
  • 2008    SOS! Help for parents. Course for Instructors – Zuilma Gabríela Sigurðardóttir, Ph.D. 15 hrs.

Other courses:

  • Needle Exchange Volunteer Program, Icelandic Red Cross   2019
  • Online Marketing, online.is                                                           2011
  • First Aid Course, Icelandair                                                         2006-11
  • Initial- and Cabin Crew Conversion course; Icelandair            2005

Psychological experience and training:

My initial training I got at the National University of Iceland, where I got the opportunity to treat a variety of disorders and familiarize myself with a number of group therapies, such as CBT for addictions, depression, low self esteem and generalized CBT.

The first years after graduation I worked at Iceland‘s biggest and most respected rehabilitation center for pysical diseases. Working in an interdisciplinary team, my work entailed  diagnosis, treatment (one on one and in groups) and psychoeducation for both patients and their families. I worked mostly with people with lung conditions, heart conditions, obesity and trauma history.

At the time I also worked for a non-profit organization for young people with cancer and their families, and had my own practice one night a week.

After four years I moved to Norway where I worked at a rehabilitation center for people with addictions for two years.

When I moved back to Iceland I opened my own practice for a while until I got an offer to come work at a rehabilitation center for chronic pain and physical illness, which I took and have never regretted that decision. There I‘m part of an interdisciplinary diagnostic team for people with chronic pain, hold group therapies and courses, alongside my own practice.

Group therapies and psychoeducations:

  • Trauma, attachment and addiction
  • Mind-body Connection
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Low Self Esteem
  • CBT for obesity
  • Appetite Awareness Training
  • Chronic pain and coping mechanisms
  • Sleep disorders and sleep hygiene
  • Rise again – A course for unemployed people between 18-30 years of age.